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The Botament brand stands for close and trusting cooperation with craftsmen and the trade. To live up to this promise, our central statement “With confidence” is an expression of our holistic philosophy.

Serving our customers and securing the future is what we create through real value in construction. We follow these guidelines with our brand, our daily work and the close relationship with our partners.

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As a company of the MC Bauchemie Group, we are a supplier of products and product systems for new buildings and renovations. From innovative structural waterproofing to classic flooring technology and a wide range of tiling products to safe systems for wet areas – Botament has been offering a comprehensive combination of genuine problem solutions that is unique in the industry for over 30 years. In addition to the professional trade, our customer groups include the specialist trade, architects and planners as well as private and public building owners.

In recent years, we have become increasingly aware that our employees make the difference. Because for them, working at Botament is not just a job. It’s a passion that every single employee puts their heart and soul into. And it is precisely this emotion that we would like to convey to the outside world. Because it is the cornerstone of a trusting cooperation.

Our claim “with confidence” is therefore not just a slogan, it is the expression of a holistic philosophy.

One of our greatest assets is the close and trusting cooperation with our customers. At Botament, there is no product that has not been developed together with the people who work with it. To achieve this, we consistently rely on the exchange with the building materials trade and the professionals on the construction site. We want to support our customers with advice and action – for every problem – directly on site. We seek personal dialogue with our customers.

Because dialogue creates trust and trust is our language.

For you. Worldwide.

We do not leave the environmental friendliness of our product range to chance. Even during the development of a new formulation, we select raw materials and components that reduce or completely eliminate emissions or effects on humans and the environment that are obviously hazardous to health.

We are pursuing this path all the way to environmentally friendly and resource-saving production.

Innovation with added value

At Botament, we are constantly on the move and always trying to innovate successfully. The conditions for this are already there! Because we have everything under one roof: laboratory, application technology and product manufacturing – all this takes place on our own premises. For us, being innovative also means creating added value for the customer through our innovations.

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Our production sites

As a sister company of MC-Bauchemie with its 50 years of experience in the field of construction chemicals, we now have 6 production sites in Europe and successfully distribute our chemical product systems throughout Europe.

Botament manufactures construction chemicals and system solutions for the following sectors:

Tile Installation
Damp room solutions
Building waterproofing
Building component renovation
Mortar & Additives
Ground Technology
Surface protection

Our products are manufactured at six different production sites in Europe. Outside our six locations, the products are marketed by our parent company MC Bauchemie.

Germany, Bottrop
Germany, Esslingen
Poland, Sroda Wlkp.
Hungary, Tótvázsony-Kövesgyür
Ukraine, Berezan
Romania, Darmanesti


Botament tours with new trucks

Striking and at the same time fitting in the new CI, the Botament fleet is supplemented by two trucks. The truck previously used, in the old Botament CI, was getting on in years and needed to be replaced and modified. Botament uses the two trucks to deliver its own products to its customers. The new look increases attention and now also sets the scene visually on the highway. The new design of the trucks underlines the corporate philosophy “Botament – the trusted brand”. In addition, the product portfolio film in the area of wet and humid room solutions (NFL) will be strongly focused. The overall competence “Building Board and Construction Chemicals – Everything from a Single Source” as well as the waterproof BP Building Board find their place on the new trucks, thus presenting the Botament products attractively and presenting them also to unknown companions on the highway.

As early as 2021, Botament upgraded with new presentation trailers in wet and humid room solutions style, which are used for trainings at customers. The eye-catching trailers are now complemented by the new trucks.

The popular solutions for bathrooms and wet rooms are developed in the system and allow particularly fast and easy installation. In the process, Botament has been using high-quality products for contemporary, high-quality bathroom designs for decades. Waterproof building boards and shower boards complete the portfolio and show further savings in processing time.