Botament Team Germany

Customer Service Germany

Line: +49 (20 41) 101 920
North area: +49 (20 41) 101 922
Area West: +49 (20 41) 101 939
South area: +49 (20 41) 101 923
East area: +49 (20 41) 101 957
Orders to:

Application engineer Germany

Service hotline: +49 (20 41) 101 933

Head office Germany

Botament GmbH
Am Kruppwald 1
46238 Bottrop
Phone: +49 (20 41) 101 90
Fax: +49 (20 41) 101 98 7


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What our employees say

One has the feeling of being seen as a whole person and not only in the function of an employee.

The team spirit at Botament is unique, never seen anything like it!

Good independent and free work - ideas are taken up and discussed

Staff appraisals are conducted regularly and professionally - good feedback culture

There is a good working atmosphere. Many employees have been with the company for a very long time and identify with it.
The doors of colleagues, including superiors, are usually always open. That's very, very positive.

After more than 15 years it is still a lot of fun to work together as a team.

The supervisors at Botament behave very well and always appropriately towards their employees. There is an open feedback culture.

Botament stands for trust. I have been working for Botament for 29 years. This only works with mutual trust.

Our team

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