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BotaGreen® Strongboard

Strong, environmentally friendly building board made from 100% recycled PET

The BotaGreen® Strongboard is a light, water-repellent, very versatile carrier element coated with mortar on both sides with a PET rigid foam core made from 100% recyclate for indoor use. Outdoors, BotaGreen® Strongboard can be used in small-area areas such as building bases, entryways, or stair treads. The environmentally friendly BotaGreen Strongboard can be applied to almost all load-bearing surfaces.

  • Climate-friendly
  • Very low emission
  • Extremely pressure stable
  • Fast processing
  • Simple, variable cutting

L x B x TEAN code
2600 x 600 mm (6 mm)4030905135404
2600 x 600 mm (10 mm)4030905135411
2600 x 600 mm (20 mm)4030905135428
2600 x 600 mm (30 mm)4030905135435