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Botament AE

Sealing and decoupling membrane

AE waterproofing and decoupling membrane is used as an all-purpose bonded waterproofing membrane under tile and natural stone coverings in interior and exterior areas.
The product is suitable for sealing wall and floor surfaces in the private and commercial sector as well as for sealing surfaces heavily exposed to water in connection with chemical stress, such as in industrial kitchens.

  • Elastic
  • Tested for water impact classes W0-I to W3-I
  • Resistant to additional chemical effects according to PG-AIV-B (BK C)
  • For damp rooms, balconies and terraces

Tested in system with: Botament M21 Classic, M21 HP Speed and M21 HP

Paper bagEAN code
10 m roll (1 m width) - thickness 0.5 mm - blue4030905131420
30 m roll (1 m width) - thickness 0.5 mm - blue4030905130591