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Botament DF9 S/R

Sealing film can be troweled / rolled

DF9 is used as a crack-bridging bonded seal under tile coverings indoors.
DF9 is tested according to DIN EN 14891.

  • Highly elastic
  • Tested for water exposure classes W0-I to W2-I (wall)
  • Open to diffusion
  • Solvent-free according to TRGS 610
  • For rolling and filling

Consumption: approx. 1.2 kg/m²

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Paper bagEAN code
12 kg plastic bucket - gray4030905050011
21 kg plastic bucket - gray4030905050318
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12 kg plastic bucket4030905050233
21 kg plastic bucket - gray4030905050301
21 kg plastic bucket - light gray4030905051278