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Botament M30 HP S2

Premium Flex Floor Adhesive

M 30 HP S2 is a fiber-reinforced and highly flexible fluidized-bed adhesive for fast and efficient installation of almost all ceramic floor coverings indoors and outdoors.
M 30 HP S2 is particularly suitable for laying tiles on young substrates.

  • Highly flexible and fiber reinforced
  • For heated surfaces and outside
  • For covering young, unheated cement screeds*.
  • For almost void-free bonding
  • particularly smooth consistency
  • suitable for high mechanical stress areas

*For the early occupation of unheated cement screeds from the walkability to the 5th day after installation applies:
According to the recognized rules of technology, a waiting time of 28 days and a maximum residual moisture of < 2.0-2.5 CM-% must currently be observed.
In the event of deviations from this, the client must be informed of this in advance for legal reasons. The written agreement of this type of execution is recommended in any case.


10 mm toothing: approx. 3.2 kg/m²

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