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Hybrid sealing 1K

MULTIPROOF is a one-component hybrid sealant for the production of waterproofing in combination with tiles and slabs in interior and exterior areas.
MULTIPROOF is a practical 2in1 product and can be applied either as a sealing film or as a sealing slurry in two different thicknesses, depending on the water exposure.

  • Ready for use
  • Tested for water impact classes W0-I to W3-I
  • Highly flexible, crack-bridging and fibre-reinforced
  • No primer necessary
  • Composite waterproofing on balconies and terraces


W0-I, W 1-I & W2-I (wall) to produce the minimum dry film thickness dmin (0.5 mm)* ~ 0.80 kg/m².
W2-I to W 3-I/ Balconies & terraces to produce the minimum dry film thickness dmin (2.0 mm)* ~ 2.9 kg/m².

* The layer thickness specifications of DIN 18534-3 and DIN 18531-5 must be observed.
Any additional consumption for subgrade leveling and craft variations must be planned for.

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