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Botament RD Flow

Self-leveling reactive waterproofing

RD Flow is a quick-setting, bitumen-free reactive sealant. Due to its self-levelling property, minor unevenness can be leveled with RD Flow. RD Flow has been tested according to PG-MDS as a seal in combination with tiles and slabs according to PG-AIV-F. Great!

  • Self-levelling, fast reactive waterproofing
  • Leveling waterproofing for floor slabs
  • Can be covered directly with tiles
  • Highly flexible and crack-bridging
  • Tight even with negative water pressure (construction phase)
  • High UV, frost and aging resistance
  • With optical through-drying control


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PackagesEAN code
28.3 kg-unit [11.3 kg-canister liquid component (A) - 17 kg bag Powder component (B)]4030905052015 / 4030905052022