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Botament RD2

Fast, multifunctional reactive sealant 2K

RD2 The Green 1 is a fast-setting, bitumen-free reactive sealant for waterproofing building components in contact with the ground in new construction and for renovating old waterproofing systems. RD2 The Green 1 has the European Technical Assessment (ETA-18/0326) as a Flexible Polymer Modified Thick (FPD) coating.

  • Fast building waterproofing
  • European Technical Assessment (ETA-18/0327)
  • No primer required
  • Highly flexible and crack-bridging
  • Can be stored up to – 5 °C

approx. 1.35 kg/m² per mm dry layer thickness

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PackagesEAN code
20 kg- unit - 10 kg liquid comp.(A) + 10 kg powder comp.(B) - green4030905050820
8 kg- unit - 4 kg liquid comp.(A) + 4 kg powder comp.(B) - green4030905050851