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Botament S910

Reinforcing fibers

S910 are high strength fibers for reinforcing Botament leveling compounds.
The fiber bundles of S 910 distribute themselves optimally in the leveling compound and therefore do not impair its processing properties.

  • For reinforcement and tempering of Botament leveling compounds.
  • Specially suitable for use on critical substrates
  • Reduces the formation of shrinkage cracks
  • Increases the structural and shear strength

250 g: 25 kg balancing mass

The flexible modular system:

Benefit from our flexible modular system! Botament’s modular system helps you to adapt immediately and flexibly to the conditions on the construction site!

  • A220 – Leveling compound up to 20 mm CT-C35-F7
  • G110 – universal primer
  • S910 – Reinforcing fibers
  • S920 – Accelerator for leveling compounds

PackagesEAN code
250 g bag - white transparent4030905200324