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Botament S920

Accelerator for balancing masses

S920 is an accelerator for Botament A220, A250, M50 Classic, M51 Classic and M53 Extra leveling compounds.
The product enables faster laying of leveling compounds with textile and elastic floor coverings, parquet, ceramic coverings and natural stones.

  • For fast hydraulic setting of leveling compounds A 220 and A 250, M50 Classic, M51 Classic and M53 Extra.
  • Laying of:
    – textile and ceramic coverings ~ 90 minutes
    – elastic coverings after ~ 120 minutes
    – Parquet after ~ 12 hours

Certified in the system with Botament leveling compounds (floor technology).

500 ml : 25 kg levelling compound

The flexible modular system for floor installation:

Benefit from our flexible modular system! Botament’s modular system helps you to adapt immediately and flexibly to the conditions on the construction site!

  • A220 – Leveling compound up to 20 mm CT-C35-F7
  • G110 – universal primer
  • S910 – Reinforcing fibers
  • S920 – Accelerator for leveling compounds

PackagesEAN code
500 ml plastic bottle - white transparent4030905140392