Botament accessories for bathroom systems

Botament provides a wide range of accessories for projects in damp and wet rooms. As a contractor or planner, as well as a builder, you can benefit from the fact that we are the only place where you can get all the components you need for the new build and renovation of your bathroom from a single source. The structure in the Botament system is ETAG-certified and therefore approved throughout Europe. With our complete systems, we enable you to assemble particularly quickly and easily. From the sealing and decoupling sheet to portal sealing tape, gradient profiles and footfall soundproofing mats to adhesives and sealants, you will find the entire range of high-quality accessories for your bathroom projects with us.

Comprehensive range of accessories for bathrooms and wet rooms

Whether individually or in a system: As a full-service provider for bathrooms and wet rooms, Botament has been developing high-quality products for contemporary, high-quality bathroom designs for decades. In addition, as a sister company of MC-Bauchemie, we can draw on their many years of innovative research and development. This multitude of areas of competence within a group of companies is currently unique. Our range of accessories is correspondingly large. This is one of the reasons why we enable you to assemble our complete systems particularly quickly and easily.

Accessories for the building board

Botament knock-in dowels are ideal for attaching and fixing the Botament building board. The material consists of high-quality and impact-resistant plastic. The Botament insulation board disc is also easy to use and guarantees a secure hold for fastening the screw connection of the building board to the substructure. It ensures an even distribution of the contact pressure and thus guarantees a secure hold. With the watertight wall panels and shower boards, sealing is only required end-to-end.

Sealing tapes and sealing adhesive

With the sealing tapes and sealing adhesives belonging to the system this is a trifle and saves a large part of the processing time compared to full-surface sealing. The elastic, moisture-curing adhesive and sealant MS6 for bonding and sealing BOTAMENT BP building boards is compatible with components made of wood, many metals and plastics as well as mineral building materials. MS6 is approved in conjunction with BP building boards as a sealing system in accordance with ETAG 022-3.

Sealing and isolating membranes

The Botament AE sealing and Decoupling membrane is a solution for sealing heavily water-stressed surfaces in connection with chemical stress, such as in canteen kitchens. It can be used as a universal composite seal under tile and natural stone coverings indoors and outdoors. Our wide range of accessories offers you all the options for high-performance damp and wet room projects. With the combination of high-quality construction products and innovative construction chemicals, we are always at your side with advice and action. And that for sure!


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