Bitumen waterproofing

Bitumen waterproofing: The classic waterproofing method

In addition to the ultra-modern reactive waterproofing, the Botament portfolio also includes all common bitumen waterproofing. Whether 1K or 2K, the product solutions have proven themselves over decades as a sealing material. Not without reason, as they have excellent processing properties and a high level of crack bridging. In addition, they dry quickly and are rainproof after a short time.

Reliable and cost-effective

Bitumen thick coatings are multi layers of polymer-modified bitumen. These can be brushed and trowelled, but can also be applied by spraying. Properly applied, thick bitumen coatings can be used to cost-effectively seal structures and components in contact with the ground against ground moisture, splash water and non-pressing water. All substrates must be clean, frost-free and stable as well as free of grease, paint, cement residue, release agents and loose parts. Protruding mortar residues must be removed mechanically and any cracks in the subsurface must be closed with a suitable material. After the full surface of the subsurface has been primed, the thick bitumen coating is applied in two work steps. The first layer must have dried sufficiently so that it can no longer be damaged when the second layer is applied.


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