Building component renovation

Masonry renovation and concrete repair

Defects, whether moisture in the masonry or damaged concrete, should always be repaired immediately. Professional renovation is important in order to preserve structural values on the one hand and to protect health on the other. Botament makes an important contribution here – with high-quality solutions in the areas of masonry renovation and concrete repair. Find out more about the system solutions!

Professional masonry renovation with Botament

In the long run, damp masonry not only damages the building fabric, but can also have a negative effect on health through side effects such as mold growth. The causes are often capillary rising soil moisture or moisture penetrating laterally through the masonry. In the masonry renovation segment, Botament provides a compact range of products – from an injection cream for horizontal barriers and sealing slurry to the masonry renovation system Botament Renovation.

Remove mold professionally

In addition, Botament offers system solutions especially for the applications mold removal, mold protection and mold prevention, which were designed for a healthy living environment. In order to obtain the best possible protection, all 3 steps should always be carried out. You can find out more about our mold solutions here: Mould solutions

Concrete repair with a system

The conclusion in the area The Botament concrete repair and concrete cosmetic products are used to renovate building components – whether it’s a bonding course, cement-based smoothing filler or fine concrete filler. All products have proven themselves in the system, but can of course also be used individually.


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