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As a specialist in building systems, we develop innovative product solutions for the design, renovation and modernization of damp and wet rooms. Like the Botament BP building board made of extruded polystyrene foam with its high-quality cement-based coating. This water-resistant building board is characterized by its low weight and good thermal insulation. Uneven surfaces in the bathroom can be leveled out quickly, easily and efficiently. It is suitable for numerous substrates such as plaster, tiles, stud frames and paint. We also offer high-quality building boards for special applications. The flexible FP flex plate enables the cladding of round shapes and structures. As a cut-to-size support plate, the WE bathtub element simplifies the rapid cladding of bathtubs.

Botament construction boards

A simple way to an all-round watertight bathroom is to use the ETAG 022-certified Botament BP construction board. It ensures absolute tightness without further measures. After all, wet rooms place special demands on the craftsman and the material used. That is why the substructure already plays an important role in the design, renovation and modernization of damp and wet rooms. This applies both to design aspects and to aspects of safety. That’s why you should rely on the extremely strong building boards from Botament with their technically superior coating!

The structure of the building boards from Botament

Botament building boards consist of three layers: A core made of extruded polystyrene foam is embedded between a cement top and bottom layer . This construction makes the building board 100% waterproof. Due to the superior special coating, you can be sure that you are using an outstanding product with a real competitive advantage: certified according to ETAG 022. Thanks to the special properties of the professional building board, the bathroom can be designed and renovated quickly and safely. Compared to conventionally brick walls, up to 50% of the manual effort can be saved, because building boards insulate and support at the same time. After assembly, they can be tiled as desired without any primer.

Building panels for every area of application

In addition to the regular building panels, you will of course also find high-quality solutions for special applications in our range. The FP flex panel, for example, is a flexible base panel that can be used to create round shapes and structures. If you want quick and easy covering of bathtubs with tiles, opt for Botament WE tub elements, the pre-cut, watertight base panels. With these individual solutions, you can also benefit from the technical superiority of the Botament building systems and the watertightness certified in accordance with ETAG 022. Our watertight building board solutions are suitable for a wide variety of applications: for leveling the subsurface, for the construction of washbasins or partition walls or for pipe and tub cladding. This makes the Botament BP building board perfect for implementing individual room ideas.


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