Building waterproofing

Professional waterproofing of buildings for long-lasting buildings

High-quality waterproofing of buildings is essential both in new buildings and in renovation projects. Well-planned and professionally executed seals meet the highest technical and economic requirements and at the same time maximize the longevity of buildings. Whether reactive sealing, bitumen sealing – with the product solutions from Botament you always have a professional solution at your disposal.

Reactive waterproofing on the rise

Reactive waterproofing, also known as FPD waterproofing (flexible polymer thick coatings), is playing an increasingly important role in waterproofing buildings. Modern reactive waterproofing, such as the product solutions from Botament, have many advantages. On the one hand, work steps can be saved, since neither the application of a primer nor the incorporation of a fabric is necessary. On the other hand, the products are characterized by fast drying, visual drying control thanks to a visible color change and high UV, frost and aging resistance. Botament reactive waterproofing also scores when it comes to consumption: Since they are usually applied thinner than e.g. B. thick bitumen coatings, this leads to lower material costs.

Bitumen sealing: The classic among the sealing methods

Seals made of bitumen have proven themselves for many decades. This is a mineral oil product that mainly consists of hydrocarbons and also contains proportions of sulphur, oxygen and nitrogen. Since it is not water-soluble, it is ideal for protecting components from penetrating moisture. A classic area of application is the external sealing of basement walls using thick bitumen coatings. Properly applied, thick bitumen coatings can be used to cost-effectively seal structures and components in contact with the ground against soil moisture, splash water and non-pressing water whether for new buildings or renovation projects. Wetness and moisture in the basement attack the building fabric and promote the formation of mold, which poses a significant health risk. Since basements are increasingly being used for living or working purposes, mold growth must be avoided in any case. Ultra-modern basement waterproofing is nowadays realized using reactive waterproofing. Waterproofing the outside wall of a basement with Botament’s reactive waterproofing is particularly easy to carry out and offers maximum safety and ease of use.


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