Concrete and mortar admixtures

Improvement of concrete and mortar systems

Botament’s extensive product range also includes additives with a wide variety of properties for improving concrete and mortar systems. These include separating agents, air-entraining agents and concrete and mortar sealants. TF02 is a separating agent for absorbent and non-absorbent formwork material made of wood, plastic and metal and for almost all common formwork systems. The special advantage: The product ensures an optimal separation of the formwork from the hardened concrete and thus improves the appearance of concrete surfaces. TF02 is ready-to-use and biodegradable. ZF71 is an aid for all construction work in civil engineering, for masonry mortar, screed and interior and exterior plaster. The air-entraining agent improves the processing properties, increases adhesion and increases suppleness. ZF77 is a special additive for achieving high-quality concrete products with optimum durability. It plasticises concrete and mortar, increases resistance to frost and de-icing salt and significantly reduces efflorescence. Another plus point is the product’s chloride-free formula.


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