Concrete repair

Professional concrete repair

Concrete repair is another core discipline at Botament. A thorough damage analysis and the selection of the right repair measure form the basis for a successful renovation. For the implementation of the measures, Botament offers a high-quality range of products consisting of solutions for concrete repair and concrete cosmetics.

Concrete cosmetics: repair faulty surfaces, create a flawless appearance

The appearance of a concrete surface doesn’t just depend depends on the formula and the processing of the concrete, but also on weather influences such as humidity and exposure to the sun. If there are defects in the concrete, it is good to know how they can be corrected. Concrete cosmetics are about repairing defective surfaces and using various measures to help the concrete regain its old beauty. Botament offers a compact range of products for this purpose, including fine concrete filler and smoothing filler. This makes it possible to subsequently create a flawless appearance. The products can be used both in the system and individually.

High-quality solutions for repair and leveling work

With M38, Botament has developed a high-strength, cementitious fine putty that is suitable for repairing concrete parts on wall and floor surfaces both indoors and outdoors . It has a high level of stability and is also easy to model. BS3, on the other hand, is a highly plastic-modified fine filler for leveling and fine filler work, which also impresses with good modeling properties and can also be extended with sand. Renovation GS4 is a one-component, easy-to-use fine putty for creating smooth, even wall and ceiling surfaces. It is also suitable for damp rooms.


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