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Modern bathroom design with products from Botament

The bathroom is becoming an increasingly important part of the dreams of many house and apartment owners. When it comes to bathroom design, the focus is on the need for a wellness oasis within your own four walls. Even if there are new arrivals or the issues of age-appropriate housing and accessibility play a greater role, the topic of modern bathroom design quickly moves up the agenda. Whether individually or in System: As a full-service provider for bathrooms and wet rooms, Botament has been developing high-quality products for contemporary, high-quality bathroom designs for decades and, as a sister company of MC-Bauchemie, can also draw on many years of innovative research and development. This large number of areas of competence within a group of companies is unique.You can find further information in our topic world Feuchtraumloesung.de

Safety is the top priority when it comes to bathroom design

Regardless of whether it is an expansion or renovation, modernization or extension: Wet rooms place special demands on the craftsman and the material used. Because if something is wrong here, the damage can quickly be seen – not only for the affected room alone, but possibly also for the structure of the building. That is why safety is the top priority for builders, especially when it comes to bathroom design. This is where the products from Botament come in handy. The spectrum ranges from building boards and shower boards with point drainage to innovative line drainage and construction chemicals.

Bathroom design made easy with our complete system

Botament Complete systems enable particularly quick and easy assembly. In addition, the waterproof wall panels and shower boards only require end-to-end sealing. Thanks to the sealing tapes and sealing adhesive that are part of the system, it’s a small thing. This saves a lot of processing time compared to full-surface sealing. By using high-quality Botament products, you ensure that the new bathroom not only offers a clear plus in living quality, but also minimizes the risk of leaks. Sustainable and for the long term, for renovations or new builds.

Tested system solutions

Especially nowadays, the craftsman is not only evaluated by the architect or project manager, but also by the end customer himself. With regard to the verifiability of the materials used, tested systems are becoming increasingly important. Botament offers the perfect system solutions for this: safe, ETAG-certified – and consistently from a single source. Learn more here! Botament is currently the only supplier that produces waterproof construction boards and shower boards, the construction chemicals and all other products belonging to the system for modern bathroom design entirely in-house. In this way, Botament always retains complete control over the quality, functionality and safety of the product range and offers the right product for every application. This opens up numerous possibilities for designing the bathroom as desired. In addition, builders, contractors and planners benefit from optimally coordinated and certified systems that ensure a perfectly sealed end result. Completely from a single source.


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