Decoupling and sealing

Decoupling and sealing with Botament

Tiles as floor coverings are very popular both indoors and outdoors. However, influences such as weather conditions, the nature of the substrate and loads from the planned use can pose a challenge for the tile, which you have to counter by decoupling the covering from the substrate. In areas or components that are particularly exposed to moisture, a compound seal is often required, in which the tiles and slabs are laid directly on the seal. For extensive protection of the floor and the building fabric, Botament offers proven systems for decoupling and compound seals with You will achieve a significant improvement with simple handling.

Decoupling on critical substrates

Laying tiles on critical or vibrating substrates as well as in areas with weather-related temperature fluctuations, for example on underfloor heating or outdoors, always harbors a high risk of stress-related damage. Here it is advisable to decouple the covering from the substrate. Our portfolio ranges from indoor solutions to complex multifunctional solutions that can be used indoors and outdoors.

Composite sealing – DIN 18534

Ceramic building materials such as tiles and slabs as well as natural stone coverings are resistant materials with numerous design advantages of surfaces in the private and commercial sector. This is especially true in wet rooms, wellness areas, swimming pools or food production facilities. However, it is precisely these areas of application that place special demands on the design of the floor. With the incorporation into DIN 18534 Part 3, the compound seal has therefore received the status of a standard seal in interior spaces. It regulates which type of sealing is to be used under the ceramic covering.

Decoupling and sealing in just a few steps

When it comes to decoupling and sealing in as few work steps as possible, our all-rounders come into play. The Botament AE sealing and decoupling sheet is a universal bonded seal under tile and natural stone coverings indoors and outdoors and is even suitable for sealing heavily water-stressed surfaces in connection with chemical stress, such as in canteen kitchens. The innovative, particularly flat 3-in-1 track Botament ATE Max is also a real all-rounder. It combines the functions of sealing, decoupling and footfall noise reduction and scores with easy processing.


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