Destroy mold

Destroy mold

When it comes to fighting mold, Botament follows a systematic approach. In order to achieve the best possible protection, all 3 steps should always be followed. Phase 1 includes mold removal and protection against mold growth. For this purpose, Botament offers a compact range consisting of the SE1 Mold Remover and the SV1 Mold Destroyer. SE1 is a ready-to-use, liquid disinfectant solution for the chlorine-free removal of mold and protection against new infestations. It is odorless, disinfects mold spores and is ideal for living rooms, bedrooms or children’s rooms. SV1 is also a liquid disinfectant solution that is ready to use. It disinfects mold-infested surfaces, destroys most germs and bacteria and is characterized by its bleaching effect. Both product solutions were designed for use on tiles, plaster, masonry and painted and wallpapered surfaces.


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