Joints and sealants

Joints and sealants from Botament

Moisture is the enemy of every building structure. Joints in particular are among the most critical points for moisture penetration into the floor structure or masonry. But joints also have an important function, as they balance out material stress and prevent cracks.
Joints in tile flooring also relieve stresses and distribute acting forces, since tiles are often laid across different structural elements and also adjoin other materials. In addition, the joints compensate for dimensional tolerances of the tiles.
Botament offers you a wide selection of grouts and joint sealants with which you can reliably seal wall and floor coverings indoors and outdoors over the long term.

Tight joints – important protection of the building fabric

Where two components meet, there are gaps. As simple as this situation is, it is difficult to adequately deal with the associated problems. This applies to the renovation of old stock and new construction, especially with regard to the joint sealing. This is to prevent moisture from penetrating the floor structure or the masonry. Showers and bathrooms in particular must be waterproof before the tiles are laid to prevent moisture damage. This does not only apply to the joints between the tiles. After all, edge and transition joints as well as inside corners in the bathroom have to withstand a lot due to generally high humidity and splashing water.

Choosing the right grout

Selecting the right grout is important for the longevity of a floor or wall covering with tiles or natural stones also decisive. Which requirements you have to meet depends on the loads to which the joint is later exposed. For every area of application, the optimal range of joints from Botament has the right product for you. In addition to sealing, the joint in coverings with tiles and natural stone can have another important function: it influences the appearance of the covering both indoors and outdoors. Therefore, you can get our tile grouts in a variety of textures and shades. Let yourself be inspired for your projects!

The variety of our silicones and grouts

Our sealants are available in a wide variety of forms. There are silicone sealants with permanent elasticity and sanitary silicones with mould-inhibiting additives. For the joints between tiles, we have highly developed grouts that are fully cured after a short period of time thanks to Botament’s high-speed technology. Finally, you will also find special products such as our Multifuge Diamond Max, the innovative multifunctional resin reaction grout and adhesive mortar for applications in the residential, commercial and industrial sector.


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