Masonry restoration

Good reasons for masonry renovation

Permanent moisture in the masonry is the most common cause of damage to the building fabric and the associated loss in value of buildings. Possible consequences of moisture in the masonry are mold formation, flaking of the plaster due to salt deposits, allergic reactions or respiratory problems. Furthermore, moisture in the masonry causes rising heating costs, since an increase in the energy supply is necessary in the affected areas. Dry masonry is therefore the basis for optimal energy management and the preservation of the living quality of buildings. From the classic masonry renovation with masonry injection to facade impregnation, Botament always offers the right solution.

Classic masonry renovation with masonry injection and renovation plaster system

One of the available options is renovation using masonry injection and renovation plaster system. First, the damaged plaster is removed up to at least 80 cm above the moisture penetration limit. Crumbling joints in the masonry are then scraped out to a depth of 2 cm and open joints are closed with the one-component multi-mortar M35. Drill holes are then marked – every 10 cm and with a diameter of 12 mm – and drilled horizontally into the joint of the masonry. The drill holes are then cleaned with compressed air and then completely filled with Botament injection cream MS10 using a suction/pressure syringe. The product penetrates independently into the wall cross-section and in this way forms the horizontal barrier. The boreholes are then sealed with M 35 directly after the injection and the sulphate-resistant sealing slurry MS30 is applied. The end of the masonry renovation is the application of MS20 – a dry mortar that is particularly suitable for plastering damp and salt-loaded masonry indoors and outdoors.

Botament special moisture-rendering system

Everywhere where extensive sealing and refurbishment measures are not structurally possible or are found to be too expensive, the Botament Renovation masonry refurbishment system is the ideal system solution – a fast, permanent and inexpensive special moisture plaster system for the refurbishment of damp masonry. The procedure is comparable to that when using a renovation plaster: First, the salt-laden plaster is chipped off and the joints scraped out up to 2 cm if possible. The new plaster is then applied layer by layer to the substrate prepared in this way, from the vapor-permeable Renovation VSM pre-spray mortar to the Renovation FSP special moisture-proof plaster and the optional Renovation FP moisture-regulating fine plaster. The special advantages of the Botament special moisture plaster system are the long-lasting moisture regulation without time-consuming drying measures, because the system can be applied directly to damp walls. In addition, the special moisture plaster is able to absorb excess room humidity that is released again simply by airing the premises. This prevents condensation on the plaster surface, which prevents mold growth and an unhealthy room climate.

Classic masonry renovation with masonry injection and negative sealing

Another option is masonry renovation with masonry injection and negative sealing. If water penetrates the masonry and the waterproofing is done from the inside, this is called negative waterproofing. The water is not prevented from entering the component, but from escaping. Thanks to the interaction of MS10, MS20 and MS30, Botament also offers highly effective masonry renovation in the system.

Facade impregnation made easy

The Botament product range also offers the option of facade impregnation. This is where Renovation MS 80 W comes into play. The product protects facades from the ingress of moisture and effectively reduces dirt and the colonization of wall surfaces by fungi and moss. The treatment with MS80 W is a hydrophobic treatment, i. H. the diffusion openness of the wall remains fully intact. MS80 W is suitable for impregnating all absorbent masonry and concrete wall surfaces. Basically, enough material is applied so that the entire surface is evenly saturated.


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