Precast parts

Application fields of precast parts

Botament precast parts are always an ideal solution when it comes to covering pipes laid in front of the wall, precisely framing bathtubs or neatly cladding WC pre-wall installations. That’s why you’ll find high-quality pipe box cladding as well as solutions for special applications in our range in addition to the regular construction panel.
Our precast parts are up to any challenge in the bathroom. They are waterproof, versatile and open up countless possibilities to design the bathroom according to your wishes. All components are matched to each other and ensure a perfectly sealed end result: ETAG-certified and long-lasting safety. This makes the construction of washbasins, tub enclosures, separation walls or pipe claddings a piece of cake.

Mouldings and building boards – the perfect complement

Botament moldings are the perfect complement to our highly engineered building boards. Because the molded parts made of extruded polystyrene foam are also characterized by their low weight, are particularly stable and pressure-resistant and provide additional thermal insulation. In the bathroom, you can also benefit from these individual solutions, from the technical superiority of the Botament building systems and the watertightness certified in accordance with ETAG 022.

Simply cover pipe boxes

Cables and heating pipes are required for the supply, but they are not particularly appealing to the eye. Especially when it comes to covering them, a lot of manual skills are required. But with the different pipe boxes from Botament, there is no need for complex constructions for the individual cladding of pipes. With the Botament RK pipe box, a prefabricated L-shaped angle design element, you can quickly and easily clad pipes in corners, while the U-pipe box hides pipes on walls. With their core made of extruded polystyrene foam and their cementitious top and bottom layers, they are the ideal substrate for spatula, plaster and tiles. Unsightly pipes on plaster and visible transitions can be quickly and safely hidden.

Covering bathtubs

With the WE bathtub elements, pre-cut support plates, cladding bathtubs is child’s play. Due to the waterproofness of the components, the cladding can be tiled immediately. With the innovative and quick-to-assemble tub elements from Botament, every project is easy and safe.

Cover the toilet quickly and safely

The Botament toilet set with integrated reinforcement points for cladding wall-mounted toilet installations is particularly suitable for bathroom renovations and can be attached to almost any stable surface. The toilet front-wall installations are suitable for almost all toilet installations, only the handle set has to be cut out on site due to the large number of variants available on the market. Our specially tailored building board coating offers the best possible substrate for laying tiles or alternative coating and plastering work. Therefore, of course, all precast parts can be covered with tiles directly after installation without further priming. In addition, the pipe boxes can be reworked with any type of wall filler or plaster.


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