Prepare substrate

Preparing the substrate

Phase 2 of Botament mold control involves preparing the substrate for mold protection. In order to achieve the best possible protection, all 3 steps should always be followed. Important: Mold is not just a surface problem. Depending on the severity of the mold infestation, the substrate can also be affected, for example damage to the plaster. In order for the subsurface to be ideally protected against future mold infestation, it must be prepared. B. the filling of small holes or cracks, the Botament FI2 ready-to-use putty is suitable. The ready-to-use, easy-to-use filler is equipped with a biocide and thus offers protection against mold growth. While the T2 deep primer strengthens the substrate and reduces its absorbency, stains of almost any type can be easily sprayed over with the special primer FS2 stain stop. If, on the other hand, the substrate is still damp, we recommend using Botament F2 Moisture Stop. The end of the high-quality Botament range for substrate preparation is AS2 Anti-Mould Additive – a concentrate for use in dispersions, fillers, mortars and paste to protect against mold and fungus infestation.


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