Rapid screed

The fast screeds from Botament

Sometimes things have to be faster on the construction site than is possible with conventional materials. If, for example, an area on which screed is to be installed is in an area that trades such as tilers, painters or installers have to get to as quickly as possible, access should only be interrupted for as little time as is absolutely necessary. Then Botament products for quick screed really give you speed! Quick screed is also good for repairs and renovations. If holes and cracks in fresh or old screed have to be leveled out, Botament products with innovative material formulations for quick screed quickly and safely repair all unevenness and damage in the existing screed.

Time – the scarcest commodity on every construction site

Every construction site is different – but on all construction sites, time is the scarcest commodity. Postponements of subsequent work steps can quickly result in a break in construction lasting days or even weeks, as the trades are usually exactly coordinated with each other in terms of deadlines. This applies in particular to the installation or renovation of floors: If delays occur here, further work in the affected areas often has to be completely suspended. You can prevent this by using Botament products for quick screeds.

Quick screeds – work on after just a few hours

Because with the new Botament quick screed system we really give speed! The innovative material formulations of our special ready-mixed mortar are based on the optimal combination of high-quality special additives. Like M54 FM, the ready-to-use cement-based screed for the production of bonded screeds, screeds on separating layers and floating screeds, indoors and outdoors. Floors built up in this way are often ready for covering after just 24 hours. It’s even faster with Botament M56 Speed FM. This means that areas on unheated substrates can usually be walked on after just three hours and can be covered with tiles or natural stone after just four hours.

Outstanding processing properties

Botament products for quick screed have outstanding processing properties that enable easy after-treatment. Thanks to their wide range of applications, they are also suitable for touching up and renovating old cement screeds, for repairing cement substrates and for setting ground anchors and fence posts.

Epoxy resin screed desired?

In wet areas, with floor-level showers or laundry rooms, with a quick setting epoxy resin screed that can be covered early is often the first choice. With Botament EB 100 Botascreed, we have developed a binder that can be used for an epoxy resin screed in combination, on separating layers and on insulation underlays, even with conventional, moist screed sand. Such an epoxy resin screed is ready to use without further priming.

Botament the full-service provider

As a full-service provider, we have been developing high-quality products with innovative material recipes for quick screeds for decades and, as a sister company of MC-Bauchemie, we can fall back on groundbreaking additives from our own production . This combination of the two areas of competence is unique.


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