Rapid screed

Reliably meeting requirements for quick screeds

Screeds on insulating layers are the state of the art in modern residential construction due to ever-increasing requirements for heat and sound insulation. The fact that the screed is quickly ready for covering due to ever shorter construction phases is a central aspect here, and the technical material requirements for quick screeds – including the parameters of drying and shrinkage – are immense. Only by using high-quality cements is it possible to ensure drying and simultaneous shrinkage control. Screeds made with Botament Schnellstrich binder or Schnellstrich ready-mixed mortar can quickly be covered with a wide variety of coverings.

High-quality binders and ready-to-use mortar

With M54, Botament offers a cement-based rapid screed binder for the production of bonded screeds, screeds on a separating layer and floating screeds. It has a high level of protection against reverse moisture and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. M54 FM is a cement-based, ready-to-use rapid screed mortar that can be tiled after 24 hours and boasts a long processing time. The M56 Speed is available for particularly time-critical construction sites.

Adhesive bridges – the solutions from Botament

The creation of adhesive bridges also plays an important role in this context. With D10, Botament offers a highly concentrated plastic dispersion for the treatment of mineral, hydraulically hardening building materials indoors and outdoors. The product optimizes processing and adhesion, reduces stresses during setting and increases wear and flexural strength. The Botament rapid screed range also includes EB100 Botascreed, a binder for the production of epoxy resin mortar. It offers very good adhesion to absorbent and non-absorbent substrates and is very practically mixed with moist screed sand.


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