Reactive sealing

Botament reactive waterproofing: modern all-rounders

All over the world, building contractors, building sealers, plasterers and architects trust in the outstanding properties of Botament reactive waterproofing. Compared to other types of sealing, these have many advantages. They are characterized, among other things, by fast drying, short waiting times between the work steps and shorter construction times. Furthermore, Botament reactive seals are highly flexible, crack-bridging and have a high UV resistance.

Variety of applications meets highly efficient processing

The reactive seals from Botament are suitable for almost every application. Their versatile application options range from basement sealing and base sealing to floor, terrace and balcony sealing and sealing bathrooms and wet rooms. RD 1 Universal and RD 2 The Green 1 are becoming increasingly popular. One of the reasons is the highly efficient processing. The reactive seals also have optimal adhesion to all common construction substrates, have a high UV, frost and aging resistance and offer security with just a few system products. Its ability to be painted over and plastered over, quick drying and ecological aspects round off the positive product properties.

Spray technology for maximum economy

The creamy consistency of the Botament reactive waterproofing allows it to be trowelled, brushed and rolled. Since there is usually no need for a primer or reinforcement fabric, processing is very efficient. When sealing large areas, processing using spray technology is particularly economical. With a set up machine technology, area performance of 60m²/h can be achieved. Even a scratch coat can be dispensed with in most cases.


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