Shower systems

Botament shower systems

Botament shower systems are available for a wide variety of tasks. As a full-service provider for bathrooms and wet rooms, we have developed an extensive selection of products for demanding projects. Benefit from the guaranteed safety of our waterproof shower boards. We manufacture these and all other shower elements belonging to the system in-house. This guarantees full control over quality, functionality and safety. Botament shower systems offer a quick and flexible solution, especially for floor-level showers. They are waterproof, quick to install and among the safest and most innovative products on the market. Our shower boards with built-in slope are level with the floor and barrier-free. Attractive design and powerful functionality complement each other.

Flush-to-floor showers

Flush-to-floor showers are very trendy. They open up convenient access and make the bathroom appear more spacious. In addition to their modern look and accessibility, floor-level showers offer other practical advantages as they are relatively easy to clean. Last but not least, with regard to age-appropriate living options, more and more builders and planners are opting for a floor-level shower when designing a new or renovated bathroom.

Certified products for floor-level showers

In the case of floor-level shower elements, safety is as important as functionality. When planning and creating, it is important to use the right waterproofing products. According to DIN 18534, the area of floor-level showers is assigned to waterproofing class W2 I. Therefore, you should only use products that have not only been tested individually, but also as part of a system and that meet the requirements of DIN 18534. As a full-service provider for bathrooms and wet rooms, we have also certified a large number of products in accordance with the European Technical Approval Guidelines (ETAG). This ensures the guaranteed security of a Europe-wide approved and monitored system. You benefit from coordinated products and full warranty claims.

Advantages of shower boards

The use of our shower boards offers a number of advantages compared to conventional construction. Their installation is absolutely uncomplicated and can be done quickly, since the sufficient slope situation is specified. The appropriate drainage system is included. Further sealing of the drain is just as unnecessary as that of the joints, which fit perfectly when using the Botament system products. After all, our shower boards are the ideal basis for the subsequent tiling. Botament shower boards are waterproof, light, quick to install and therefore not only ideal for new builds, but also for renovation work. They offer a reliable, fast and flexible solution for showers, damp and wet rooms. Decide on a version with decentralized or central point drainage, with linear drainage and fully integrated drain technology or for a shower board with linear drainage made of stainless steel with a reversible stainless steel cover.


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