Substrate preparation

A good substrate preparation with Botament

When laying tiles, the substrate preparation is already much more than the proverbial “half the battle”. The subsurface does not just have to be clean, dry and dust-free: It is particularly important to ensure its load-bearing capacity with regard to the chosen covering and the best possible even surface. The general rule is: the larger the tiles to be laid, the more evenly you have to level the subfloor. At Botament you will find high-quality products with proven properties for subfloor preparation. Whether levelling mortar or self-levelling compound, deep primer or primer, conventional tile adhesive or reaction resin adhesive: In our range you will find the right solution with which you can prepare the subfloor for every laying situation in the best possible way.

The right solution for every covering

The final result when laying tiles and stoneware depends heavily on the substrate. This affects the subsequent appearance of the laid floor, but also its medium and long-term durability. Different floor coverings can demand everything from you before the tiles are laid. A vibrating wooden floor has to be covered differently than the concrete screed in a new building. The terrace has different requirements than a wet room. Whatever you are planning: Botament offers you innovative, high-quality products for every laying situation, with which you can lay tiles safely on almost any surface.

Old floors – no problem!

Old floors can have reduced strength and load-bearing capacity . However, the latter is particularly important with regard to long-term adhesion of the tiles to the substrate. In order to ensure not only the required strength but also the best possible even surface, problematic substrates must be treated with a leveling compound. Depending on the unevenness and the desired result, self-levelling fillers as well as adhesion and blocking primer from Botament can be used. Cementitious substrates should be primed with a deep primer, while calcium sulphate screeds can be primed with an epoxy resin primer due to their sensitivity to moisture.

Subsurface preparation for heated surfaces

Are measures to reduce stress when laying on heated surfaces, when laying in combination or on critical substrates recommended in the covering surface, we carry the entire range of solutions for a secure floor structure in the course of subfloor preparation, from fibre-reinforced, highly flexible flow bed adhesive to multifunctional sealing, impact sound and isolating membranes to laying panels.

Challenge – large-format tiles

Large-format tiles, which are now standard in representative properties, also pose special requirements. In such cases, full-surface, sometimes multi-layer leveling with self-levelling compounds or stable leveling compound is required.

Take advantage of our expertise!

Whatever challenge you are faced with: you will find the right solution with us which prepares the substrate for every laying situation in the best possible way. After all, we have been developing high-quality products for laying tiles for decades. Benefit from our extensive expertise in everything to do with tiles.


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