Substrate preparation

Fast subfloor preparation with Botament

A single primer and a leveling compound allow the subfloor to be perfectly prepared for all types of flooring. It doesn’t matter whether designer or synthetic flooring, carpeting or parquet is to be laid: the processor always has the right product at hand. The putty covers all applications as standard. It becomes a universal genius with three additives – reinforcement fibers, accelerator and quartz sand – or a combination of these. These special products give the installer access to a technology that has been tried and tested for decades. This makes the system solutions not only high-performance, but also particularly safe and fast.

Special primer for many indoor applications

Removing old coverings is tedious, costly and time-consuming. Non-water-soluble, old, firmly adhering floor adhesive residues can usually be reworked directly without time-consuming removal or sanding, provided the substrate has been pre-treated with Botament G 140. This 1K PU rapid primer prevents unwanted reactions and plasticizer migration from the old adhesive layers. In addition, it offers a reliable moisture barrier for unheated cement screeds and protection against moisture penetration for sensitive substrates.

Seal cracks – without flexing and staples

With the Botament silicate resins for casting, cracks and joints in indoor and outdoor areas can be repaired quickly and easily will. The time-consuming work steps of flexing and stapling can be dispensed with with this product application.


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