Surface protection

Versatile surface protection

Pure diversity: The Botament range includes surface protection solutions for a wide range of possible uses. With PF1 Plaster Fresh, Botament has developed a high-quality glaze that you can use to freshen up concrete and paving stones quickly and easily. In order to optimally prepare the surfaces to be treated, an oil stain remover and a cobblestone cleaner are also available. Botament also offers high-quality product solutions for floor sealing, such as BV2. This is an impregnation and sealing for mineral floor surfaces indoors and outdoors. The range is rounded off by sealing solutions specifically for agriculture, including FT2 HP to protect feeding tables and UV2 HP to rehabilitate damaged concrete surfaces.

Cobblestone protection with PF1 Plaster Fresh

It has never been easier to freshen up concrete or paving stones. The Concrete Glaze PF1 Plaster Fresh from Botament makes it possible! It is suitable for a wide variety of applications around the home and garden and makes paving stones look like new – time-consuming and costly re-laying of paving stones is therefore a thing of the past. The ready-to-use glaze for absorbent mineral surfaces outdoors is ideal for refreshing the color of old, faded paving stones. In this way, paved areas can be restored to a visually appealing condition and sustainably protected from the effects of the weather. The product is available in the colors red, grey, anthracite and transparent. However, the substrate must first be prepared. This must be absorbent, clean, dry and stable. It is important that the substrate is free of algae, moss and green growth before applying PF1 Plaster Fresh. With the cobblestone cleaner, Botament offers exactly the right product for this purpose. Another preparatory measure is the removal of layers that reduce adhesion, such as oil or wax. You can achieve excellent results here with the Botament oil stain remover.

BV2 floor sealing for areas with pedestrian traffic or occasional car traffic

BV2 floor sealing is a high-quality system based on water-dispersed epoxy resin. Because of this formulation, the product can be rolled up as easily as a coat of paint. Another advantage: Due to the long processing time of approx. 2 hours, it is also possible to work on large areas without any problems. once stone gray as a colored seal. Before applying the sealant, the substrate is prepared with the primer. The colored seal should then be applied in at least two layers.

Sealing in the agricultural sector

Botament also has high-quality product solutions ready for the agricultural sector. FT2 HP is a sealing and coating for mechanically and chemically stressed substrates indoors and outdoors. It is particularly suitable for protecting and sanitizing feeding tables. In addition to its seamless flow properties, it is also highly abrasion-resistant and low-odour. UV2 HP is also highly resistant. The subsurface sealing is suitable for the rehabilitation of damaged concrete surfaces, especially in the agricultural sector.


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