Technical mortars

Equalization and repair of surfaces

Wall and floor surfaces are not always in a condition in which they can be covered with tiles and slabs without pre-treatment measures. Compensation work may therefore be necessary both in the case of renovation and in new buildings in order to create the required levelness or to fill in damaged areas. In addition, there are numerous applications in which sloping layers have to be installed in advance to ensure professional water drainage, such as on balconies or in bathrooms.

High stability, quick rework

Stable materials such as the Botament product solutions M35, M36 Speed and M38 are suitable for this purpose. M35 Multi-Mortel is a one-component, versatile adhesive and repair mortar that was designed for layer thicknesses of 2 to 30 mm and scores with early resilience and high stability. M36 Speed is a fast setting mortar for repair and assembly work. It can withstand high mechanical loads and is also highly frost-resistant. M38 is a high-strength fine putty that is ideal for repairing concrete parts on wall and floor surfaces. It impresses with its high stability and good modeling properties. All products have one thing in common: They can be used indoors and outdoors and can be reworked after a short time.

Grounding mortar and grouting concrete

The Botament portfolio also includes grouting mortar and grouting concrete. Their areas of application are diverse: In addition to the grouting of concrete and reinforced concrete parts in the industrial sector, gutters and metal brackets can be fastened in the private sector in a highly resilient manner. With VM 10 and VB 20, Botament offers hydraulically setting mortar with high flowability, which is suitable for the non-positive grouting of steel – and concrete parts indoors and outdoors. Both products have high early and final strength and are also highly resistant to frost and de-icing salt. Another plus: the recipe is chloride-free and contains no corrosion-promoting components. VM10 was designed for grouting heights from 10 mm, VB20 for grouting heights from 20 mm.

Reaction resin adhesive and repair mortar

The product range is rounded off by R39. This is a solvent-free reaction resin mortar for gluing construction parts and repairing defects on walls, ceilings and floors indoors and outdoors. The product is also suitable for gluing ceramic tiles and slabs using the thin-bed method. The reaction resin mortar is stable, has high adhesive strength and is easy to work with.


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