Tile and slab laying

Planning thoroughly with the right tile adhesive

Tiles and slabs are easy-care all-rounders. Their resilience and durability are not the only features that make them ideal for floor and wall design. Ceramic coverings such as stoneware, porcelain stoneware or split tiles are available in a wide variety of shapes, colors and surface structures, and so are natural stones made of marble, granite or slate, offering plenty of creative design options. They can be used in kitchens and utility rooms, bathrooms and showers, in the living room, on terraces and balconies.
Proper planning, use of the right material and correct preparation of the substrate are important prerequisites – and with the wide range of tile adhesives offered by Botament, you will be able to master even the most challenging tile installations.

Professional installation – choosing the right laying method

Professionally laid tiles and paving made of ceramic or natural stone are among the most resistant and durable wall and floor coverings. Once the local conditions have been clarified in advance and all decisions have been made regarding the formats, colors and laying patterns of the tiles or paving slabs, the next step is to select the right tile adhesive. Whether the tiles are to be laid in a thin, flowing, medium or thick bed depends on the type of covering and the stresses it will be subjected to.

Thin bed method

In the thin bed method, which is mainly used for evenly thick ceramic and natural stone coverings, the tile adhesive is applied in a layer thickness of 2 to 6 mm either to the substrate (floating method), to the back of the tiles/slabs (buttering method) or to the substrate and tile (buttering-floating method).

The pourable bed method

In the pourable bed process, the low-viscosity, mostly flexibly adjusted pourable mortar compensates for unevenness due to its “flowing” consistency, so that the tile can be laid with nearly no voids. Almost 100% of the adhesive is spread on the surface between the tile and the substrate.

Medium bed method

The middle bed method is particularly suitable for laying large-format tiles and slabs. The thickness of the adhesive is usually between 6 and 20 mm.

Thick bed method

The thick bed method is used in particular when laying on uneven substrates or when laying uneven boards of different thicknesses. The layer thickness of the tile adhesive when laying tiles and slabs is approx. 20 mm.

No matter which method – we have the right tile adhesive

You haven’t found the right method yet? We can help you with our wide range of tile adhesives
You will find the right Botament product for the installation of almost all ceramic wall and floor coverings as well as natural stone indoors and outdoors.
As a full-range supplier, we have been developing products for tile and paving installation for decades and, as a sister company of MC-Bauchemie, we can rely on groundbreaking additives from our own production. So you can be sure that, thanks to innovative properties and highly developed special formulations, you will always make the best choice for your demanding projects.


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