Tile Installation

Our expertise in all things tile

Thanks to a large selection of types and designs, tiles open up a wide range of creative possibilities. Botament supports you with a large selection of products for laying tiles and natural stone. From the preparation of the substrate and its waterproofing to the laying of the tiles and grouting, you will find high-quality solutions with us that make your work easier and ensure success. Benefit from our great expertise in everything to do with tiles. We have been developing high-quality products for laying tiles for decades and, as a sister company of MC-Bauchemie, we can also rely on innovative additives from our own production. This combination of the two areas of competence is unique.

Tiles as a design element

In more and more apartments, tiles on the floor are a good thing. Tiles open up a whole range of creative visual options as a floor covering due to their outstanding variety of formats, colours, patterns and surfaces. But they also score with their robust durability and low maintenance requirements. The level of dust and dust mites is also usually significantly lower in tiled apartments than in apartments with carpets. At a time when more and more people are developing allergies, this is an important argument. Last but not least, tiles do not emit any pollutants and are one of the living materials recommended in terms of building biology.

Tile as far as the eye can see!

The times when you only laid tiles in the bathroom, kitchen and basement are long gone . Today, hallways, bedrooms and living rooms are given a special touch with tiles or natural stone. With tiles you can create a special ambience – or underline selected accents of living spaces. At Botament, we have had this trend in mind for a long time – and we have a large number of problem solvers in our range, so that laying tiles and natural stones, even on difficult substrates, does not become a challenge for you.

Tiles for commercial spaces

Not only in The numerous advantages of the tile are in demand not only in the private sector, but also in many professional projects. Of course, the requirements for laying tiles in canteen kitchens, laboratories, swimming pools, production facilities and other special areas require a high degree of craftsmanship, but also detailed specialist knowledge of the requirements and the applicable guidelines. As an experienced partner, we also support you as planners, specialist dealers and specialist companies in industrial and commercial construction. In the planning phase and on the construction site. Our efficient and clearly structured product range with components that are perfectly matched to each other in the system and easy-to-handle, quick-to-process materials. We offer you the highest level of security and maximum flexibility during implementation – from preparing the substrate and sealing it to laying the tiles and grouting.


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