Wooden house waterproofing

Professional products for safe wooden house waterproofing

The construction of buildings with supporting structures made of wood is becoming increasingly popular. At the turn of the millennium, the proportion of timber construction approved residential buildings in Germany was around 12%, but the current timber construction quota is around 18%, and the trend is rising. The base seal plays an important role here. It not only has to protect against moisture from the outside – for example in the form of splashing water – but also allow the diffusion of water vapor from the interior to the outside.

Ecological by nature: the building material wood

In the timber construction industry, a new trend has been emerging for a number of years, which advertises an excellent ecological balance sheet, a special feeling of living and very good health compatibility . The advantages of wood compared to other building materials speak for themselves: it grows back, is available regionally and relieves the climate when it is created and during use. For these reasons, and accelerated by the current discussion about climate change, there is more and more rethinking, as a result of which timber construction is becoming more important. an ever-growing role. With the reactive waterproofing Botament RD2 The Green 1, the craftsman has a quick-setting, easy-to-use and particularly economical solution for secure waterproofing in the transition from wooden constructions to concrete foundation slabs – regardless of whether it is a new building or the renovation of an old waterproofing. Benefit from a secure seal for wooden houses with Botament and also visit our theme world: https://www.reaktivabdicht.de/


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