Object reportage: Daycare center with corners and edges


Daycare center with corners
and edges

Fast building waterproofing from Botament

Ecological requirements played a central role in the construction of the new daycare center “In der Mühle” in Murg (Baden-Württemberg). The building – consisting of five connected individual houses – was therefore erected in timber construction. During the construction of the daycare center, particular focus was placed on the base area. With Botament’s reactive waterproofing RD2 The Green 1, the transition from the wooden structure to the concrete foundation slab could be reliably sealed despite numerous complicated corner formations. The rapid setting of the material guaranteed a fast construction time.

In the Baden-Württemberg municipality of Murg, the new daycare center “In der Mühle” was realized in 2020. During the planning phase, the commissioned architectural firm Ernesto Preiser was faced with the challenge of finding a suitable building concept for the narrow and long site. Accordingly, the design envisages a sequence of five buildings with gable roofs that flow into one another. In this way, the large volume of the building could be cleverly broken up and the available space optimally utilized. The two-story daycare center offers space for three daycare groups and three regular groups and has a spacious outdoor play area.

Sustainability and economy combined

The objective was to create a building with high sustainable quality that also underlines the ecological orientation of the municipality of Murg. In reference to a wood sawmill that used to stand on the property, those responsible for the project decided on a wooden construction. The ecological building material determines the appearance of the daycare center both inside and out, gives the rooms a warm atmosphere and, above all, ensures a healthy indoor climate. The timber construction method also proved to be economical: rapid construction progress was achieved by using prefabricated lignotrend components for the walls, ceilings and roofs of the daycare center.

Challenge area in contact with the ground

In the course of construction, particular attention was paid to the design of the sensitive base area, which forms the transition from the concrete foundation slab to the timber structure. The arrangement of a functional and professional waterproofing to protect against influences such as salts, minerals, moisture and changes of frost and thaw is essential in this area. In the course of the waterproofing work, however, the twisted construction and façade design of the daycare center proved to be a challenge. Thus, the difficulty was to securely seal the many corners. As the company carrying out the work, the carpentry firm Kock & Götte from Weilheim, determined, a cold self-adhesive bitumen sealing membrane would not have been effective. Wave formation and lack of adhesion to the floor slab argued against sealing with KSK.

Reactive sealing as an alternative

Finally, Botament’s reactive waterproofing was found to be a suitable solution for the challenging project. Botament RD2 The Green 1 is a two-component reactive waterproofing for new construction and renovation. The solution is characterized above all by its good processing properties. The sealant is trowelable, brushable as well as sprayable and can be quickly reworked. Thanks to an optical through-drying control, the time for subsequent work is easy to determine. The high flexibility and crack-bridging properties also offer craftsmen a high level of safety during execution. Unlike bitumen seals, primer and fabric can be omitted, resulting in shorter construction times. RD2 also scores points from an ecological point of view. This is because the building material is free of bitumen and therefore particularly environmentally friendly.

Uncomplicated processing – Sustainable safety

The execution was carried out according to the specifications. First, the substrate was pre-wetted with a matt damp in the necessary places. This was followed by scratch filling with Botament RD2 to seal blowholes and pores. After drying, the first waterproofing layer was applied. In the next step, the transversely elastic PB portal sealing tape, fleece-laminated on both sides, was embedded in the layer. An adhesive strip makes this easy and quick to install. In addition, the highly elastic and tear-resistant SB 78 system tape from Botament was used to form the inside and outside corners, together with the associated molded parts. Butyl sealing tape from Botament was used to seal connection and corner joints. The overfilling was done with a second layer of waterproofing.

In the period from August to September 2019, the base was completely sealed. The main arguments in favor of using the waterproofing from Botament were the good processing and the simple corner formation. In addition, the diffusion-open material not only protects the sensitive plinth area from penetrating moisture from the outside, but also promotes the maintenance of a constant wood moisture content inside the structure. Due to the high drying reserve of the components, overmoisture of the wood does not occur. Thus, reactive waterproofing provides the overall structure with a large structural damage-free potential. Proper plinth waterproofing makes an important contribution to the service life of the daycare center. This is because it provides the building with long-term, sustainable protection against external influences and prevents moisture damage.

Construction panel:
Building project: New construction of day care center “In der Mühle”, Murg
Client: Mayor’s office Murg, Murg
Architecture: Architect ‘s office Ernesto Preiser, Waldshut-Tiengen
Manufacturer waterproofing and tiling system: Botament GmbH, Bottrop
Waterproofing work: Carpentry Kock & Götte, Weilheim
Execution period: August 2019 to September 2019

A new daycare center in timber construction was built in the municipality of Murg in Baden-Württemberg. Photo: Agency Foto & Design, Waldshut
The large building volume was cleverly broken up by five structures - each with a gable roof. Photo: Agency Foto & Design, Waldshut
The ecological building material wood determines the appearance of the building inside and outside. Photo: Agency Foto & Design, Waldshut
Wood provides a pleasant atmosphere and a healthy indoor climate in the rooms. Photo: Agency Foto & Design, Waldshut
In addition to the reactive waterproofing RD2 The Green 1, the PB portal sealing tape, the SB 78 system tape and butyl sealing tape from Botament were used for the base waterproofing. Photo: Ernesto Preiser
In particular, the corner formation was easily accomplished with Botament's reactive sealant. Photo: Ernesto Preiser