Reconstruction of a building from the 17th c.


Core renovation with MS10

Here our customer phase 8 + GmbH has a listed house from the 17Jh. core renovated. The waterproofing applied to the building at an earlier stage was not sufficient to prevent moisture penetrating the walls, so that further measures were necessary. In order to achieve the greatest possible protection against moisture, the company from Düsseldorf decided to install a subsequent horizontal barrier. The choice fell on Botament Renovation MS10.

Before applying the injection cream, the friable joints of the inner walls were scraped out. In order to obtain maximum safety, the holes for the horizontal barrier were drilled in cross-section over two rows – Renovation MS10 was thus injected here with a drill hole spacing of only 5 cm. After grouting, the craftsman sealed the drilled holes and the scraped joints with Botament M35 Multimortar.

After the successful installation of the horizontal barrier, the contractor decided to also perform the bathroom waterproofing with Botament. In the wall area, the one-component hybrid waterproofing Botament MULTIPROOF was used. Since vinyl flooring was to be installed not only in the living areas but also in the wet rooms, the bathroom floor was sealed and leveled with Botament RA170 reaction sealant. For this purpose, the epoxy resin primer Botament E120 was first applied. The wall connections were made with Botament SB78 and accessories and glued with RA170. After the execution of the liquid waterproofing with RA170, the LVT flooring could be glued with Botament M440.
In the living areas of the building, the design flooring was laid with Botament K550.