Terrace, RD1


Building Materials Engineering, Terrace RD

An estate house from the 1930s was to be transformed into a modern domicile at affordable cost. Part of the renovation was the existing terrace.

It was not only to be resurfaced, but also almost doubled in area. The customer therefore decided to use the new one-component reactive seal RD1 Universal. By doubling the area, what was previously only a strip of around 14 square metres has become a spacious, almost square terrace, offering plenty of space for dining in comfort and sunbathing in summer.

The new covering of large-format tiles picks up on the warm sandy tone of the façade. The challenge in the implementation was to combine masonry surfaces and reinforced concrete elements in such a way that possible settlements would not cause any damage. In order to apply the new pavement continuously over the entire surface, the existing surface and the new part were therefore laid out separately, but connected in the transition area by a movement joint.