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Botament K572 roll adhesive passes test of strength in 50 fitness studios

Top in shape for Top performance

No way, no how for Jörg Hüppmeier, Regional Manager Essen South at the Heinrich Schmid Group (HS). Specialising in shopfitting for chain stores in a wide range of industries, he believes that only the best is good enough for his customers and employees. With painting, drywall and flooring work from a single source, he creates feel-good spaces that bring brand messages to life. His recipe for success is based on three building blocks: Identification with the customer, good, motivated employees and high-quality brand products in processing. The Botament K572 roller adhesive plays a key role in the large-area installation of PVC design floors. Because it keeps its promises – even under the toughest conditions. For example, in all 50 FitX studios to date, where the PVC design floor – and therefore also the adhesive – has to prove its strength around the clock.

With around 4,200 employees and over 100 branches, Heinrich Schmid, Europe’s leading painting company, is a full-range supplier of all trades for facades, interior finishing and building renovation. The individual locations and regions operate as independent companies. This is also the case for Jörg Hüppmeier with his 50 permanent employees at the Essen South site, where he has built up a demanding customer base of chain businesses. For clients such as Enterprise, Ernsting’s familiy, Europcar, FitX, Kamps, Vodafone or Zero he designs the shops throughout Germany. With top quality, maximum service and absolute adherence to deadlines, his company gives architects and planners from their construction departments the guarantee that his well-rehearsed team will meet their high expectations equally well for every project. This is why the fitness chain FitX also relies on Jörg Hüppmeier and his team of experts for all its studios. The third-largest fitness studio operator in Germany has been expanding unstoppably since it was founded in 2009. By the end of 2018, 100 studios are planned across Germany. With a premium range of strength and endurance training as well as an extensive range of courses, FitX is making its mark in the fast-growing discount segment of the fitness industry. Reasonable prices, opening hours around the clock all year round and an attractively designed area concept with seven different training areas are the reasons for the enormous success of the company. Every few weeks, a new studio opens its doors somewhere in Germany at 1A locations – most recently the 50th studio at Limbecker Platz in Essen.

The impossible becomes possible
As a rule, all trades have only eight to ten weeks for the conversion work, which is always very complex at FitX. Deadline pressure, imponderables on the construction site and the demand for consistently high quality characterize the everyday life of the HS team. Jörg Hüppmeier therefore also uses almost exclusively BOTAFLOOR products at FitX for the treatment of the approximately 2,500 square metres of floor space. “They tick just like us,” he praises the Bottrop-based premium supplier of flooring installation materials. “The materials and price are right there, and they offer good service.” He is also full of praise for the sales employee in charge, who is always available for his company and always makes the seemingly impossible possible. Together with the Bottrop-based construction chemicals experts, a number of customer-specific solutions have already been developed, such as extreme container sizes or a sprayable primer for use in FitX studios. 15 to 80 tons of filler per gym are standard for the rebuilds, as are large quantities of R 820 crack resin – “the only one without clumping”, says Jörg Hüppmeier – or accelerator. Together with BOTAFLOOR, he masters these challenges with new container shapes or even formulations. This allows his employees to fill the filler from the big pack into a mixing machine by forklift or to spray the primer. This significantly reduces their physical strain, saves time and even improves the homogeneity of the job.

Play it safe when gluing
For about 1.5 years, the HS team has been using the BOTAFLOOR K 572 roller adhesive to install the 1,500 square metres of PVC design planks at FitX. Jörg Hüppmeier was actually very sceptical after bad experiences with roll fixings from other suppliers as to whether the BOTAFLOOR roll adhesive would stand up to the truly tough test. Finally, by far the largest floor area at FitX is laid with PVC design planks. Poor bonding performance would affect the entire operation and result in corresponding claims for damages. However, joint adhesion tests in the Bottrop laboratory convinced him of the high performance of the BOTAFLOOR K 572 roller adhesive. “The adhesive behaviour is just as good as with the previously used wet adhesive from BOTAFLOOR. And the roll adhesive is also much easier and faster to process,” says Jörg Hüppmeier. No wonder, since the K 572 is the only roller adhesive on the market that meets the peel and shear strength requirements of the DIN EN 14259 adhesive standard. In this way, it guarantees that the high-quality PVC design flooring can withstand the subsequent continuous load from the heavy fitness equipment – without dimensional changes, stippling or joint formation. Thanks to an installation time of three hours, the installer can also roll up large areas with the BOTAFLOOR K 572 roller adhesive and lay the PVC planks over the flooring. This not only optimizes the laying performance, but also benefits the overall progress on the construction site. Last but not least, the standing job is easy on the knees and backs of the employees. Unlike wet adhesives, which are applied with a toothed trowel, adhesive grooves with subsequent indentations are also a thing of the past. Solvent-free and very low in emissions in accordance with EMICODE EC1, with general building authority approval abZ and Blue Angel for exemplary environmental and health properties, BOTAFLOOR roller adhesive K 572 consistently delivers top performance. The HS team is correspondingly satisfied with the latest product from BOTAFLOOR. Because this way, not only the customers but also the floor surfaces are always in good shape at FitX.