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Ground Technology K572

Only performance counts
BOTAMENT roller adhesive K572 convinces all along the line

Always think from the customer’s perspective! Hans-Joachim Benze, Managing Director of Benze Bodenbeläge based in Hamelin, sums up the secret of his company’s success in this simple phrase. Optimal advice, top products and high-quality implementation are the reasons for the trust that has grown in the family business over the past 40 years. In order to be able to meet this demand at all times, however, the specialist market for floor coverings is also dependent on its suppliers and their consistently high product quality. That is why Benze relies almost exclusively on Botament for laying materials. The roll adhesive K572 plays a leading role among these products for the specialist: This is because it is proven to hold when laying PVC design flooring over large areas and, on top of that, brings real speed to the construction site. This was also the case at a Kursawe-Bau property in Hildesheim: the K572 roll adhesive showed what it is capable of on two floors of an apartment building.

Sustainability is a top priority for Benze Bodenläge: Because only satisfied customers come back and recommend the company with a clear conscience. The family business, now in its second generation, focuses on service from the very beginning: Sound advice is the decisive first step to ensure that the result really meets the customer’s wishes. Top products that not only look good but also meet high standards in terms of environmental compatibility and health also contribute to customer satisfaction. For example, Benze only uses solvent-free and very low-emission products with the Blue Angel label for its installation products – in most cases from Botament’s modular product system. “This is already a great thing,” praises Joachim Benze. In the case of PVC design flooring, he only processes coverings that do not contain phthalate plasticizers. With this high demand on the quality of its own work, the specialist company with its 13 employees carries out private and commercial construction work in roughly equal proportions. Kursawe-Bau in Hameln knows what it has in Benze and therefore commissioned the family business with the floor design of an apartment building built at the beginning of the 20th century. Located only a few minutes from Hildesheim’s city centre and university, this Art Nouveau house has been completely renovated and converted from a two-apartment house into four sophisticated residential units. The client chose PVC design flooring in an authentic wood look to match the high rooms with many large windows typical of the building style. However, a prerequisite for this high-quality effect is professional floor preparation and installation.

It all depends on the adhesive
Each of the four floors in the property extends over 156 square metres with sub-areas of varying sizes. Hans-Joachim Benze took over the laying of the floors on two floors one after the other. Since the original floor was in very poor condition, the owner had chipboard screwed down first. The Benze installation team primed this floor with Botament universal primer G110. Botament S910 reinforcing fibres were added to the Botament A220 levelling compound up to 20 mm. “The trick is then to have the right adhesive,” emphasises Hans-Joachim Benze with regard to the sensitive design flooring, which requires a very smooth substrate. On top of that, the publishers were running out of time on this project because the apartments were already rented out. Therefore, the Benze team once again relied on the K572 roller adhesive from Botament. “He’s not the only roller gluer,” Hans-Joachim Benze explains this decision, “but he’s the only effective one.”

Scepticism turned into enthusiasm
The floor professional knows what he is talking about, because he had already tested various roll fixings before. The additional primer required for this and yet unsatisfactory adhesive performance had actually strengthened his decision to no longer use such rollable products. But Botament managed to convince the “burnt child” otherwise: “They gave me a bucket of it and put an application engineer on the side so I could test it.” The result spoke for itself: “It really worked!”. The bonding behaviour of the roll adhesive K572 corresponded to that of the previously used wet adhesive. It is no coincidence that it is the only roll adhesive on the market that meets the peel and shear strength requirements of the DIN EN 14259 adhesive standard. As a result, the K572 guarantees that even sophisticated design floors will permanently withstand future loads – without dimensional changes, stippling or joint formation. “The roll adhesive is a bit more expensive than a wet adhesive, but it works wonderfully for large surfaces and time-critical tasks,” was Hans-Joachim Benze’s conclusion after several tests. So he decided, “We’re going to do this all the time from now on.” Because in addition to the reliable bonding behavior, the K572 offers, in his view, decisive further advantages: “With large surfaces, you really save time and money.” Unlike wet adhesives, with which the installer works his way forward metre by metre, the K572 roller adhesive can be rolled up over a wide area while standing. This is made possible by the long soaking time of three hours. As the flooring can be loaded immediately after installation, the planks can be completely laid after only 30 minutes of flash-off time. If a plate does not fit right the first time, it can be lifted up and reinserted without any problems.

Fast, safe and convenient
“That’s how we do 150 square meters a day,” says Hans-Joachim Benze. “I can’t do it with normal glue. I need double or even triple the time.” The K572 roller adhesive pays for itself: the job site is completed more quickly and the team can start the next job sooner. “Plus, I don’t have to worry about anything going down the tubes,” Benze adds. Unlike wet adhesives, which are applied with a toothed trowel, the K572 roller adhesive does not produce any adhesive grooves that can lead to unsightly indentations. Last but not least, the standing job is easy on the knees and backs of its employees. His assessment of the cooperation with the manufacturer is correspondingly positive: “Botament and the K572 roller adhesive are way out in front,” says Hans-Joachim Benze. “Because they deliver what they promise.” He is therefore convinced that he will continue to rely on this successful duo for future projects.