Hotel Füssen, tile chemistry


Hotel Füssen

In the romantic old town of Füssen, a small town near Neuschwanstein in the Allgäu, the Hotel Füssen was newly opened in March 2018.
Where once the town hall of the city was housed from 1839 – 1909, the Hotel Füssen with its 25 rooms and a large dining room has emerged after extensive renovation.
The contracted construction company, Gebrüder Akcay, relied on quality products from Botament for the renovation work.
The products M200 Multimortar, AE Waterproofing and Decoupling Membrane, M21 HP Premium Flex Adhesive, M29 HP Premium Flex Floor Adhesive and Multifuge Diamond accompanied the entire conversion.

To create a proper substrate for the tiling, the old wooden floor was first reworked with Botament M 200 multi-mortar.
Since carpeting was dispensed with throughout the hotel for hygienic and allergy-friendly reasons, the high-quality floor tiles were laid with Botament M 29 HP, a flexible flow-bed adhesive, not only in the lobby and dining room, but also in the non-smoking rooms, which are decorated in shades of brown and grey.
As an optimal complement to the M 29 HP for the floor tiles, the M 21 HP was used for the tiles on the walls. Thanks to its Airflow Technology, the thin- and medium-bed adhesive is particularly easy and smooth to work with. Multifuge Diamond was used for the grouting throughout the hotel. Their creamy consistency made them particularly easy to work with throughout the hotel.
In order to optimally protect the interior from moisture, the AE waterproofing and decoupling membrane from Botament was used as a composite waterproofing membrane.
Thanks to its resistance to chemical attack, the AE waterproofing and decoupling membrane could not only be used under the tiles on the walls, on the floor and in the showers, but was also used in the hotel’s kitchen.
All in all, it was a great project with a stunning end result!
We are very happy about the trust Albin Akcay, owner of the Hotel Füssen, has placed in Botament and would like to thank him for the great cooperation!