Hotel von der Valk, Venezuela


The Plaza Beach & Dive Resort on Bonaire - a place to stay in the middle of paradise.

Bonaire – the small, so-called special municipality of the Netherlands, is located just off the coast of Venezuela in the southern Caribbean. Besides paradisiacal beaches, the bright blue sea right in front of your nose and the famous Washington-Slagbaai National Park, Bonaire also offers first-class hotels that make a stay on the island of 20,000 inhabitants special.

One of these hotels, the Plaza Beach & Dive Resort, which is part of the Dutch van der Valk Group, has been upgraded and refurbished to the latest standards for visitors in 2019-2020. Due to the long-standing friendship between owner Vincent van der Valk and Jack Geenen, Sales Manager North at Botament, it was quickly clear that Botament’s quality products would be used for the renovation of the hotel.

As part of the renovation, the hotel’s bathrooms, entrance area and outdoor pools were to be renewed.
To create a proper substrate for the tiling, the old floor was first reworked with Botament M200 multi-mortar.

The flexible thin-bed adhesive Botament M21 Classic was used to lay the high-quality wall and floor tiles. This is perfect for laying almost all ceramic wall and floor coverings.
Thus, not only the tiles in the entrance area and in the bathrooms were bonded with M21 Classic, but also the tiles in the pool area, which are all beige. Botament Multifuge Fine Speed in silver grey was used for grouting the tiles. Thanks to their high-tech Speed Technology, the tiles can be washed in a very short time, so that rapid construction progress was guaranteed!
Multifuge Diamond was used for the grouting of the pool and wellness area.

It was a great project with a stunning end result! Thank you very much for the great cooperation, we are already looking forward to further projects with the van der Valk Group!