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Conversion renovation bathroom in old building

It’s not the size that matters:
The oasis of well-being in a small bathroom

Hardly any room is currently receiving as much attention as the bathroom. No wonder, after all, in recent years it has increasingly developed from a purely functional space to a place for wellness, relaxation and pure quality of life.

But while the bathroom is often depicted in magazines and catalogues for modern living as a sprawling area with lavish dimensions, the reality is usually different: According to a study by the Ipsos Institute, the average size of a German bathroom is just 7.80 square metres. A good third of all bathrooms in Germany are even smaller than six square metres.

The end of all living dreams? No: even in small bathrooms, there is no need to sacrifice beauty and comfort, as Botament proves. The Bottrop-based specialist for system building materials offers a whole range of innovative product solutions for the design, renovation and modernisation of damp and wet rooms.

These include Botament building boards, which are suitable for numerous substrates such as plaster, tiles, studwork and paintwork and are available in many sizes and thicknesses. Botament also offers a wide range of different shower boards with integrated slopes. Both products are tested as a system for watertightness according to ETAG 022 and can be individually adapted to almost any room size and geometry. They score not only with their technical properties, but also with low weight and easy handling. They are quick and easy to install and can be tiled straight away – flush with the floor and barrier-free. In addition, when using the ETAG-certified Botament system for damp and wet rooms, there is the full security of a complete solution that has been approved and monitored throughout Europe.

So don’t be afraid of small rooms: after all, with the right system, damp and wet rooms of any size can be put in the right light as a new oasis of well-being, safely, effectively and economically, with almost unlimited design possibilities.