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Fit in shape

Indoor pool renovation with Botament

Promoting young talent is important, also in the area of sports: For this reason, those involved in the project at the Lintharena – a sports, leisure and cultural center in Glarus – in 2021 decided not only to renovate the bathing area of the facility, but also to build two new children’s splash pools. The special products required for the implementation were obtained from a single source from the system construction expert Botament. The Bottrop-based company supplied both the molded construction for the children’s paddling pool and the construction chemical components for laying the new tiling.

The Lintharena - a sports, meeting and cultural facility in the Glarus region - was founded in 1969 as the Glarner Unterland Sports Center in Näfels. The modernization and expansion of the plant under a new name were decided in 2018. Photo: Municipality of Glarus North
Construction work on the large-scale facility began in the spring of 2020. Special attention was also paid to the revitalization and child-friendly redesign of the indoor swimming pool. Photo: Fehlmann AG

For more than 53 years, sports enthusiasts have been drawn to the community of Glarus Nord not only for hiking or skiing: the Lintharena in the village of Näfels – a sports center with extensive outdoor facilities, indoor swimming pool and hotel and restaurant operations – is also one of the region’s popular visitor attractions, offering a comprehensive range of leisure activities for young and old alike. In order to make the indoor swimming pool area even more attractive for visitors in the future, the Lintharena bathing facilities were also recently renovated as part of the overall renovation and expansion of the sports center. With the help of tile installation products and swimming pool moldings from Botament, a modern swimming area with wellness character as well as a new children’s paddling pool was created in the traditional Glarus facility.

Rich in tradition
The sports, meeting and cultural facility was founded in 1969 as the Glarner Unterland Sports Center. In 2003, the first extensive renovation of the highly frequented facility took place. In order to be able to offer its visitors a holistic, modern leisure concept, the general renovation and expansion of the arena was finally decided in 2018. In the course of this, the former cooperative became the property of the municipality of Glarus Nord and was converted into a stock corporation. Construction work began in April 2020. After 20 months of construction, the contemporary recreational facility finally reopened its doors on December 18, 2021. The functional sports facility of the late 1960s has been transformed into a multifunctional leisure center with hotel operations, a restaurant and an extensive range of activities. The new Lintharena has a reception with store, a sports and bouldering hall as well as an indoor pool with outdoor pool and an extensive parking area.

Swimming fun for young and old
In order to offer swimming enthusiasts of all ages a pleasant training and swimming environment, special attention was paid to the indoor pool area of the arena during the renovation. The pool facilities and the outdated tiling of the entire barefoot area were replaced and remodeled. In addition, a two-part wading pool area was created for toddlers. The work was carried out by Fehlmann AG – a specialist for ceramic coverings and natural stones from Hunzenschwil. Both the laying of the tiles and the planning and design of the baby and toddler pool were carried out in close cooperation with the Bottrop-based system building materials professional Botament. The latter supplied the tile installation products and molding components required for the implementation from a single source. Between June and August of the year 2021, a completely new swimming area was created in a construction period of only three months – which not only aesthetically meets the most modern requirements.

Round thing
The substructure for the two circular children’s pools was prefabricated at the German Botament plant and then brought to the construction site in Näfels. In order to facilitate the transport of the approximately 100 square meter paddling pool construction, different partial elements of the two circles were first milled from rigid foam using a CNC milling robot. These were then directly reinforced with an alkali-resistant glass fiber fabric and coated with plastic-modified mortar. To provide additional protection against moisture penetration, the moldings were finally sealed with the special mineral sealant Botament MD2 The Blue 1. In accordance with the European standard EN 14891, MD2 can be used both under tile coverings indoors and outdoors. The highly elastic seal is especially suitable for use in swimming pools.

The production of the substructure for the two new children's paddling pools was undertaken by Botament GmbH from Bottrop. Photo: Botament
To facilitate transport to Switzerland, individual circular elements were milled from rigid polystyrene foam, reinforced and sealed with the special mineral sealant Botament MD2 The Blue 1. Photo: Botament

Shortened construction time
Since the core of the coated elements is made of extruded rigid polystyrene foam, Botament’s ready-to-use pool moldings prove particularly advantageous in terms of installation time. While the custom-made rigid foam substructure could be installed in the arena within three days, conventional superstructures made of concrete need at least six months to dry. Further processing of the pool moldings was also very simple: On site, the moldings only had to be aligned and fixed to the substrate with the cementitious S1 Flex Adhesive Mortar M21 HP from Botament. MS6 adhesive and sealant was used for bonding the individual elements together. The butt joints were then reworked with the highly elastic, fleece-laminated SB78 sealing tape.

Tight and high-yield
The premium adhesive M21 HP is highly flexible and meets the S1 requirements of the European standard EN 12004 for tile adhesives. The stable thin- and medium-bed adhesive is not only suitable for the installation of molded parts, but also for the laying of almost all ceramic wall and floor coverings as well as discoloration-resistant natural stone indoors and outdoors. Thanks to the newly developed and highly efficient airflow technology of the Bottrop-based company, the flexible adhesive is particularly easy and smooth to process. In addition, the elastic, moisture-curing MS6 adhesive and sealant was used for butt bonding the substructure. The multifunctional building material, which is evaluated in accordance with ETAG 022-3, is compatible with various materials and has extremely strong adhesive strength. The two circular children’s paddling pools, positioned offset from each other, were then tiled with a light-colored ceramic mosaic.

On site, Fehlmann AG employees assembled the individual parts to form the circular shape and mounted them using resistant, particularly durable sealants and adhesives. Photo: Botament
Finally, the substructure was covered with modern mosaic tiles in natural shades. Photo: Botament

Special grout for swimming pools
To ensure that not only the facility for the youngsters but also the rest of the Lintharena swimming area shines in new splendor, the entire swimming pool surround of the sports center was also renovated. The approximately 1,000 square meter area – as well as the paddling pools – was covered with modern mosaic tiles in natural shades. Since the choice of the right grout determines the longevity of the entire ceramic covering, especially in heavily trafficked areas, those involved in the project opted for Botament’s MULTIFUGE Diamond MAX reaction resin grout and adhesive, which is highly resistant to both chemical and mechanical stresses. The material-efficient building material combines a wide range of applications and could thus also be used for securely bonding the tiles. With their warm gray tone, the joints are color-coordinated with the overall concept of the indoor pool. The water- and dirt-repellent joint compound consists of three components and can be mixed in no time at all. Thanks to the new 3K formula, it enables an extra long working time. The high-quality material offers a further advantage, especially in swimming pool areas: Since the fine joint surface of MULTIFUGE Diamond MAX is particularly resistant to abrasion, the surface can be cleaned with a high-pressure cleaner. This also facilitates the care of the hygienically demanding barefoot area.

The tile backsplash of the children's wading pools - as well as the entire pool surround - were bonded and grouted with MULTIFUGE Diamond MAX in gray and silver-gray. Photo: Fehlmann AG
The fine joint surface of MULTIFUGE Diamond MAX is particularly resistant to abrasion and can be cleaned with a high-pressure cleaner. Photo: Fehlmann AG

Everything from a single source
A particular challenge during the construction work was the execution of the new children’s paddling pools, as a long installation and drying time for the substructure would have jeopardized adherence to the schedule. Botament’s role as a complete system supplier proved to be an advantage here: “Since the molded part design as well as the coordinated construction chemical components together with the application technology support were supplied from a single source, the interface coordination with the other trades was extremely simple,” explains Botament area manager Dirk Geisseler. “This not only optimized the project sequence from a logistical point of view, but also ensured more intensive consulting. The risk of construction stoppages was significantly reduced by the possibility of providing all-round support for the project in Näfels. Thanks to the close cooperation of all project participants and the professional team of Fehlmann AG, the redesign of the indoor swimming pool was completed in the shortest possible time.”

Construction panel:

Construction project: Renovation of children’s swimming pool Lintharena, Näfels, Switzerland
Client: Lintharena AG, Näfels, Switzerland
Waterproofing work: Fehlmann AG, Hunzenschwil, Switzerland
Manufacturer waterproofing system: Botament GmbH, Bottrop
Execution period: June to August 2021