Tight, safe and with feel-good factor


Tight, safe and with feel-good factor

MULTIFUGE Diamond MAX as tile adhesive and grout in a private pool

This pool was built by a private builder near Aachen. At the same time, it is perfectly matched to the rest of the house: the floor tiles in XXL format extend from the rest of the house to the walking area of the pool. The overall picture is complemented by a matching glass mosaic in natural shades.

After masonry of the pool and stairs, the corners of the pool edge and those of the stairs were rounded to prevent injuries when entering and exiting the pool. Subsequently, the tiling company Frank Heinrichs Naturstein und Keramik from Waldfeucht tiled the walking area. This was first primed with D11 and sealed with Botament AE waterproofing and decoupling membrane.
Botament’s two-component special waterproofing MD2 The Blue 1 was used to waterproof the pool. Tested for water exposure classes W0-I to W3-I as well as W1-B and W2-B, MD2 The Blue 1 is especially suitable for use in swimming pools. This is because it protects the concrete from corrosion-promoting substances in the long term.

Since the choice of the right laying and grouting mortar – especially for surfaces with permanent water exposure – determines the longevity of the entire pavement, those involved in the project opted for Botament’s MULTIFUGE Diamond MAX. MULTIFUGE Diamond MAX was used in the walking area and in the pool not only as a grout, but it was also used as a laying material at the same time. This proved to be a clear advantage here with the translucent glass mosaic: tile adhesive and grout were used in the same color shade. The water and dirt repellent properties of MULTIFUGE Diamond MAX further protect the pool from moisture penetration. It is also highly resistant to abrasion and provides a beautiful and durable surface for many years.